What is meant by touch screen?

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The touch screen is the twain the input and the output device which  is usually strtified on the top of the electronic visual display of the information processing system. The display is commonly in LED and LCD. Instead of the mouse and touchpad, the touch screen is used for the display of laptops and smartphones.


What is the touch screen used in the corporate?


The touch screen solution in corporate is very common in the daily life like cell phones, ATMs, ticket vending machines, and more. The top touch screen used in the corporations are given by,


  • Resistive touch – Nowadays it is the most widely used technology. It is composed of a glass panel and film screen. When the user touches the screen the two metallic layers make the contact and result in the electrical flow. It is one of the lowest-cost technology and lowers power consumption. It is also resistant to the liquids and surface contamination. It has lower image clarity compared to the other technologies.


  • Surface capacitive – It is the second most popular touch screen technology. It has better image clarity and a durable screen. It is a high scratch resistance. It requires the bare fingers to operate.


  • Projected capacitive – It is similar to the surface capacitive smart glass Malaysia but it has two advantages such as it can be activated with surgical gloves and thin cotton gloves and it enables the multi-touch activations. It has excellent image clarity and more resistant to scratching. It is free from oil, dust, grease, and moisture.


  • SAW touch – SAW stands for Surface Acoustic Wave. It is activated by the finger, soft tip stylus, and gloved hands. It will not activate with the hard items like pens, cards, and fingernails. It has a high touch life.


  • Infrared touch – It has the highest image clarity and light transmission. It is also unlimited touch life and free from the scratches. It may be sensitive to the ambient light interference and high cost.


What is the importance of the touch screen solution in the corporate?

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With the massive growth of the touch screen technology all industries, businesses, and verticals are looking at how the solutions such as touch screen tablets and monitors are used to improve their efficiency and customer experience. The importance of Rev Interactive SDN BHD touch screen solution is given by,



  • Engaging and interactive
  • No more mouse and keyboard
  • Mobility and space
  • Easy user interface
  • Durability and resilience
  • Speed and efficiency
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Self-service feature


What are the purposes of the touch screen for retail?


The touch screen in retail is the most important feature of the business growth.

  • Increased sale
  • It makes richer shop experience
  • The touch screen has the ability to provide an entire range
  • It bridges the gap between the online presence and bricks and motors of the store
  • Up to date, the campaign is pushed directly from the head offices for all the stores.